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770 - A Brief History

Previous Rebbe arrives in US for visit in 1929The previous Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneerson, came to America on the ninth of Adar II 5700 (March 20, 1940), after miraculously escaping from Nazi-occupied Poland. For six months he stayed at the Greystone Hotel in Manhattan, NY where he had a suite that was used as a Shul in addition to his living quarters.

Finally, on the 5th of Av, a fitting residence was located, and negotiations were started to purchase the building at 770 Eastern Parkway. A week later on Friday, 12 days in Av, the purchase was completed, and the Rebbe was given the keys. A few days later the Rebbe came to 770 and prayed Mincha and Maariv there. He then said, "The One Above should allow it to be a permanent dwelling for the soul, for Torah study and for prayer services, but a temporary dwelling for living purposes. For very soon we should merit to be in the Holy Land with Moshiach."

Previous Rebbe arrives in US to stay -1940 On Sunday, 19 days in Elul 5700, the Rebbe left the hotel and moved into 770. HisPrevious Rebbe becomes US citizen -1949 living quarters were on the second floor, and the Shul and Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim on the first floor. Upon entering 770 the Rebbe said, "Yehi rotzon az di tfilos zolen zain mit a pnimiyus, un es zol zich davnen mit der emes avodah - pnimiyus'diken geshmak." The official Chanukas Ha'bayis celebration took place on the following Tuesday, 21 days in Elul.


Yechi Adoneinu Moreinu Verabeinu Melech Hamoshiach L'olam Voed